Beyond the payment variance report: How to resolve common, costly underpayment issues

Tuesday, January 10th, 2023 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM CT

As hospitals face the unprecedented levels of financial pressure, leaving money on the table isn't an option. Yet too many hospitals continue to write off too much commercial net revenue each year — dollars they are contractually owed by payers.

Hospitals continue to place too much reliance and weight on the payment variance report to validate payer adjudication. What's typically missing is the critical monitoring and improving of revenue cycle processes that impact payment accuracy.

In this webinar, experienced revenue cycle operators will discuss the new report's findings, common issues related to payer adjudication and the gaps seen in revenue cycle processes that often lead to underpayments. Speakers will also provide an overview of effective resolution strategies that have been deployed across more than 200 hospitals nationwide to tackle these very problems.

Key learnings include:
  • How to identify the common and critical sources of underpayments related to payer issues and revenue cycle processes
  • Why focusing only on the payment variance report leads to missed revenue
  • An overview of effective, proven methods to effectively recoup lost revenue on underpaid or zero balance claims


Andrew_Bess - Kristelle Khazzaka

Andrew Bess

Chief Operating Officer, Targeted Solutions, Ensemble Health Partners

Rosenthal_Lane - Kristelle Khazzaka

Lane Rosenthal

Senior Vice President, Revenue Recovery, Ensemble Health Partners