Case study: How Montgomery County Memorial eased burden on finance staff + boosted productivity

As hospitals and health systems grapple with unrelenting staff shortages and retention issues, financial leaders must strategize how they can ease the burden on their teams — while also boosting productivity and freeing up analysts' time for more pressing projects. It's a tall order, but some organizations are seeing success with the right partnership.

In this white paper, you'll learn how Red Oak, Iowa-based Montgomery County Memorial Hospital leveraged technology to streamline its financial processes, enhance productivity and reduce month-end time to close by 50 percent.

You'll also get more details on how the hospital:
  • Streamlined accounting functions within one login application
  • Employed its EMR to help with analysis and reporting
  • Navigated implementation challenges (during the onset of COVID-19, no less)
  • Increased staff satisfaction and buy-in

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