How AI and automation are helping Baylor Scott & White lower the cost to collect + increase net revenue

Tuesday, September 13th, 2022 | 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM CT

The cost of collecting revenue within health systems has skyrocketed, compounded by macroeconomic conditions, labor shortages, and rising supply costs among other things. This is the new normal, and it requires health systems to adapt to collect every dollar owed at the lowest possible cost.

And health systems are making bold moves to capture this value. A PwC report indicated 71 percent of systems are making significant investments to automate administrative tasks. However, the complex nature of revenue cycle makes automation exceptionally challenging.

Join this discussion with revenue cycle leaders at Baylor Scott & White and Janus Health to learn:
  • What health system revenue cycle teams should look for in AI and automation technology
  • How to use AI, process intelligence and automation technology to reduce the cost to collect and increase net revenue
  • How Baylor Scott & White is using AI and automation technology to transform their revenue cycle and the impact to date


Sarah Knodel - Sarah Simon

Sarah Knodel

SVP, Revenue Cycle, Baylor Scott and White

Brendan Downing - Sarah Simon

Brendan Downing

Co-founder and CEO, Janus Health