Optimize Your Revenue Cycle – 5 steps to boost productivity

Wednesday, February 15th, 2023 | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CT

Facing pressures on margins and reimbursement rates, U.S. healthcare organizations are redoubling their efforts to optimize their revenue cycles. But many obstacles stand in their way, including:

•   Limited account status visibility
•   Little or no root cause analytics
•   Complex, underused technology mix
•   Inaccurate, unconnected reporting
•   Staffing issues (e.g., training; turnover; limited local talent; remote work dynamics)
•   Overreliance on manual processes
•   Increasing denials
•   Dependence on patient accounting systems and denial management processes to solve workflow issues – neither of which is typically well suited to this purpose

In this webinar, learn the best path to optimize your revenue cycle results including how to:

1.  Set your baselines: Take an objective look at your productivity statistics and performance.
2.  Audit your technology: Look across all of your revenue cycle systems. Are they the right ones? Are you maximizing their value? Is there redundancy?
3.  Benchmark and set goals: With your data and technology information in hand, it’s time to set your goals.
4.  Maximize automation: Automate anything you can. Clearly document manual processes to ensure staff productivity and accountability.
5.  Measure and adjust: Leverage available analytics to evolve your goals, technology, and staffing as your needs change.


Mike Morris Bio Headshot - Liz Engman Cropped

Mike Morris

President & CEO, Xtend Healthcare

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Billy Padilla

Chief Information Officer, Xtend Healthcare