Simplify claims management to save time, realize AR faster

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Managing claims is one of the most demanding parts of revenue cycle management. Challenges include manual claim rejection and denial processes and lack of visibility into payer data. 

But managing claims doesn't have to be so painful.

It is possible to work smarter, not harder, with purpose-built automation technology. New approaches remove unproductive touches and give RCM teams a head start in managing claim rejections and denials. 

In this webinar, learn how savvy RCM leaders are taking advantage of technology advancements to revolutionize their claims management process – and are gaining greater control of the claims lifecycle. 

This webinar covers: 
  • Common challenges managing claims 
  • Proven solutions for these challenges
  • How to proactively mitigate denials and gain better visibility into claims processing
  • Simplifying claim rejections and denials through automation
  • How automation can transform claim follow-up and result in faster AR


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Rebecca Pierce

Product Manager, Waystar