Simplify the complexity of Medicare claims

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Minutes can easily turn to hours while managing Medicare claims, especially when using direct data entry or the fiscal intermediary standard system. Make your Medicare claims hassle-free by automating your billing management.  

Watch now to learn how to:
  • Boost efficiency: Cut down on the time spent managing Medicare claims and learn how automation can make billing smoother and speed up reimbursements.
  • Streamline processes: Forget about jumping between screens or doing repetitive data entry and learn how automation can simplify your workflow.
  • Increase convenience: Get overnight updates on all claims automatically, making billing management easy and convenient.
  • Improve accuracy: Reduce the chances of errors and fix them quickly. Explore how automation can enhance accuracy for error-free reimbursements.





David Swenson - Molly Traverso

David Swenson

Manager, Sales Engineering, Inovalon
David has over 26 years of experience helping provider organizations of all sizes improve their revenue cycle management efficiencies. He currently supports Inovalon customers in optimizing their claims management workflows.