The RCM trifecta: Offset workforce challenges, improve staff satisfaction and boost revenue

Thursday, October 12th, 2023 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM CT 

Healthcare financial leaders are facing a unique set of challenges amid persistent staffing shortages and the rising complexity of revenue cycle tasks. 

These obstacles are fueling the need for intelligent, centralized workflows to boost RCM teams' productivity, improve the patient financial experience and maximize revenue. During this panel discussion, financial leaders will share how they're currently using robotic process automation to streamline RCM workflows, along with key opportunities for the future. 

Key learnings:
  • How RCM teams are using RPA
  • The biggest untapped opportunities for RPA
  • Balancing the use of RPA with human talent




Andrew Woughter - Abbie Engel

Andrew Woughter

RPA Consultant, Finvi

Pam Jordan - Abbie Engel

Pam Jordan

Senior Director of Collections, Parallon

Head shot 9.15.23-1

Amber Farnworth

Patient Financial Services Manager, Glendive Medical Center




Kevin Holst - Abbie Engel

Kevin Holst

Chief Revenue Officer, Finvi