Time to optimize your physician contract game plan: How you can reduce risk and improve ROI

Thursday, October 27th, 2022 | 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM CT

Physicians get paid for many types of services, but it all starts with their contracts — the financial arrangements that are sometimes set aside and rarely looked at again until there's a payment problem. With physician burnout and operational costs on the rise, hospitals need to plan ahead and fully understand two critical factors of their physician alignment: how their medical teams are paid and what they're paid for.

Without this critical information, hospitals are in danger of not only compliance and financial risks, but also unhappy medical teams. Join this webinar to learn how to create battle-tested, physician contract strategies that are a win-win for everyone.

You will learn:


  • Tactical steps to enhance physician payment strategies that reduce compliance risk and promote a meaningful bond between hospital and physician
  • How to gain big-picture, financial visibility into physician arrangements with data that can improve a hospital’s competitive edge
  • Best practices from a hospital CMO who used automation to optimize their entire approach to physician payments


Capital_Health_Eugene_McMahon - Nicole Novak

Eugene McMahon, MD, MBA, FCAP

Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer Capital Health

Carter_C_Headshot - Nicole Novak

Carter Cowardin, MHA

National Account Manager Ludi, Inc.