7 ways hospitals can improve CMS Star Ratings, HRRP, & VBP + avoid surprises 

Hospitals are often surprised by the outcomes of CMS programs and struggle to improve CMS Star Ratings, HRRP and VBP. With dozens of measures and frequently changing algorithms, the Star Ratings, Hospital Readmissions Reduction and Value-Based Purchasing programs follow a complex logic that can make it hard for hospitals to find a path to improvement.

This white paper outlines concrete strategies for hospitals to excel at quality and safety and avoid surprises when it comes to the results of these CMS programs. 

You'll learn:
  • 4 reasons hospitals struggle with quality excellence
  • 7 ways hospitals can avoid surprises and improve on CMS Star Ratings, HRRP penalties and VBP payouts
  • How to access predictions on CMS Star Ratings and readmissions and mortality

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