A proven plan for denial prevention (in 4 steps)

Denials are one of the biggest pain points for hospitals and health systems. When 63% of denied claims are recoverable but rarely reworked, the challenge — and revenue lost — is clear. In any other industry, that level of loss would be unacceptable. Yet many healthcare organizations don't have the time, money, or resources to work denials thoroughly.

Many health systems are turning to automation to tackle healthcare's thorniest issues, and denials are no exception. With the right solution, organizations can achieve a 72% reduction in their denial rate. This free eBook outlines four steps organizations can take to dramatically reduce denials, boost revenue, and lighten workload for overburdened employees. 

You'll learn strategies to:
  • Prevent front-end denials using data
  • Optimize claim submission with speed and accuracy
  • Respond to denials with data-driven intelligence
  • Deliver a plan for long-term improvement

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