Automation in healthcare: the marriage of AI and RPA for RCM organizations

Hospitals and health systems face challenges that can seem overwhelming — from the rise in denials to declining patient volumes, as well as the continuing workforce shortages and spiraling labor costs.

In this white paper, we'll explore today's RCM workforce landscape and explain how, through the combined use of AI and robotic process automation technology, RCM organizations can not only overcome the current workforce shortages, but also improve the overall productivity and efficiency of their organization. 

The combination of these technologies might still be in its early stages, but the potential benefits of the AI/RPA union for RCM organizations are nearly unlimited.

You'll learn:
  • How AI and RPA can work together to automate both complex and mundane tasks
  • Common problems in RCM and how AI/RPA can help solve them
  • Specific tasks and applications for AI/RPA technology

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