Bring in the bots: Transforming the revenue cycle through robotic process automation with a digital workforce

As health systems and providers face financial pressures, staff shortages and regulatory changes, it is becoming even harder to keep up with clinical and administrative workloads. As a result, more organizations are investing in advanced technology as a strategy to drive efficiency, reduce costs and overcome these ongoing challenges.

Within the revenue cycle, clinical and administrative workflows like registration, scheduling, coding and billing traditionally require manual, labor-intensive tasks. But automation presents a valuable opportunity to help reduce workloads and administrative burdens with a digital workforce, allowing providers and staff to focus on improving the overall patient experience. 

This whitepaper dives into the benefits of robotic process automation — in which "bots" that mimic human behavior complete repetitive tasks — and outlines how organizations can identify the best places to implement the technology. 

You'll learn:
  • How automation technology can help address provider organizations' key challenges
  • Where automation can be applied specifically throughout the revenue cycle
  • The differences between RPA and artificial intelligence

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