Closing the finance data gap: from Excel spreadsheets to real-time data for key financial decisions

Finance teams want access to real-time information to make informed, data-driven decisions. But this information is often lacking.
90 percent of respondents to a recent Becker’s/Multiview survey said data analysis is important to achieving their organization’s financial goals, yet only 25 percent have access to robust real-time information to drive better financial performance.
As a result, finance teams are often caught up doing time-consuming “Excel gymnastics.” Many finance teams are more focused on preparing financial statements or getting through audits than making data-driven decisions.
Gain insights from this recent survey among financial leaders which include:
  • Why “liquid” data and real-time data are so important
  • The unique challenges faced by finance teams at small hospitals
  • Effective solutions that enable finance teams to make real-time, data-driven decisions
  • Why vendor partnerships are key to data-driven decisions and increased operational efficiencies

Learn what it takes to go from manual, Excel-based processes to real-time, data-driven decisions.

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