How healthcare leaders are overcoming financial challenges

All-too-familiar headwinds in healthcare — staff shortages, reimbursement challenges, rising expenses — aren't just costing hospitals and health systems money; they're causing communities to lose trust in their providers, too. Unpredictable billing and a perceived lack of quality and access lead to fewer patients seeking care, giving preventable health issues time to worsen and spiking healthcare costs down the line.

In a Becker's advisory call, healthcare leaders from top systems across the country shared their latest strategies and where they're finding success in solving today's most pressing problems. This e-book summarizes their insights on revenue challenges, staffing woes, payer relationships and more.

You'll learn:
  • How leaders are mitigating staffing shortages
  • Ways to boost financial performance through tech, length-of-stay reductions and less reliance on travel nurses
  • One system's unique approach to denials management

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