Reduce bad debt: 4 ways to find insurance for self-pay patients

In the wake of COVID-19, an estimated 48 million people in the U.S. lost their jobs. This spike in unemployment caused many people to lose employer-provided health insurance. Loss of coverage at this scale has a major effect on healthcare providers’ bottom lines.

What can providers do?

Take proactive steps to find hidden insurance coverage among patients who present as self-pay. Results include increased collections from patients and payers, decreased bad debt and improved financials.

A new white paper contains insights on maximizing self-pay revenue through better coverage detection.

Key learnings in the whitepaper focus on:
  • Why you’re missing billable insurance coverage
  • The impact of missing or hidden coverage – which includes writing off bad debt
  • 4 ways to find insurance for self-pay patients
  • Selecting the right coverage detection technology to meet your organization’s needs
  • How coverage detection works

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