Short-staffed for the long-term: Where revenue cycle departments go from here

Beyond clinical staff, labor shortages are putting significant pressure on the revenue cycle function at hospitals and health systems, leading to negative consequences on the bottom line and for patient engagement. 

This report uncovers findings from a survey of 200 employees responsible for staffing the revenue cycle function at provider organizations, demonstrating how chronic staff shortages of non-clinical staff affect the revenue cycle at their organization. Before the pandemic, the situation was concerning. Now, it's unsustainable.

Download the report to learn where there are opportunities to address top challenges and position your organization for long-term stability.

Sample findings:
  • 96% of respondents indicated that payer reimbursements, patient collections -- or both -- were affected by staff shortages
  • More than 8 out of 10 respondents say the patient experience is worse due to staffing shortages 
  • 92% of respondents say new staff members make errors that negatively affect claims


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