Transform your revenue cycle in 2023 by prioritizing these three things

Today, four major, interconnected challenges continue to confront revenue cycle leaders as they work to ensure their organizations’ financial stability and future. The challenges, which include negative operating margins, staffing shortages, growing front-end denials, and higher patient expectations for their financial experience, have combined to create the perfect storm. 

Rather than fall further behind, revenue cycle leaders are rethinking workflows and reimagining how work gets done alongside the latest advancements in technology. There are entire organizations that are writing a new playbook, establishing new paradigms for truly doing more with less, and defining a completely new way to tackle these long-standing revenue cycle challenges.

In this whitepaper, you will learn:
  • Why now is the time for revenue cycle leaders to move beyond digitizing specific workflows and instead shift their efforts to intelligent automation
  • New approaches to evolving patient access, with a focus on eliminating denials
  • Best practices and KPIs for analyzing your denial management efforts
  • How health systems are deploying advanced technologies to drive end-to-end connectivity throughout the entire revenue cycle and reducing the overall cost to collect

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