From 1 million to 3 million telehealth visits - a look back on lessons learned

Wednesday, December 6th, 2017 | 11:00am - 12:00pm CT

Telehealth is one of the fastest growing solutions implemented across major health systems today. Healthcare providers face considerable challenges in care delivery and will require targeted strategies and solutions to extend care access, improve quality, and lower costs. In 2016, Teladoc shared insights gained from facilitating their first 1 million telehealth visits.  Since then, Teladoc has now facilitated over 3 million telehealth visits and gathered valuable expertise on implementing and integrating telehealth into care delivery.

In this upcoming webinar, Teladoc will expand on last year's lessons to share insights about leveraging telehealth to increase patient satisfaction, care coordination and cost savings.

Within the “10 lessons” for telehealth outlined in the webinar, attendees will learn:  

  • How regulations have shifted toward expanding telehealth
  • Why operational support and configurable technology matters
  • How technology can improve outcomes
  • The way market convergence is redefining integration needs
  • Where patient demand is driving additional capabilities