Give patients what they want — tips for expanding digital payment options + creating greater cost transparency

Wednesday, March 31st, 2021 | 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM CT

A record number of patients faced layoffs and furloughs that impacted their insurance coverage and ability to pay for care throughout the last year, leaving the high cost of U.S. healthcare more magnified than ever. On top of that, high-deductible healthcare plans mean nearly 24 million consumers already have high out-of-pocket costs compared to their income.

Consider this: Seventy percent of Americans surveyed said they want to have conversations, but only 28 percent report doing so. Delaying or deferring these conversations can have major consequences for patients.


Join this webinar where Tim Donovan, Chief Marketing Officer at CareCredit shares:

  • Patients’ desire for more payment options and greater cost transparency from their healthcare provider
  • The digital tools and payment methods preferred and expected by patients
  • Patients’ willingness to consider point-of-service financing for their healthcare bills.



Donovan_Tim_Headshot - Kristelle Khazzaka

Tim Donovan

Chief Marketing Officer, CareCredit

DStievater Photo-crop

David Stievater

Senior Partner, Commonwealth Health Advisors