Government health programs in the Biden administration: What to expect

Tuesday, January 26th, 2021 | 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM CT

With a new administration and changing leadership at HHS and CMS, we can expect government health programs to evolve. Federal and state revenue shortfalls will be taken into account as new leadership considers expansion of these programs. Join us for an examination of some potential policy scenarios and a discussion of how private sector health care stakeholders may be impacted.

With plans to build on the Affordable Care Act, states have new tools to expand coverage. We’ll talk about the potential impact of:

    • More outreach and limiting what people must spend
    • State-run health care plans
    • Expanding Medicaid

Our guest is Paul Keckley, managing editor of The Keckley Report. Each week, he simplifies the world of health policy and key industry trends to bring clients and opinion leaders the unvarnished truth. The moderator will be Mitch Morris, M.D., CEO, Optum Advisory Services. Morris has more than 30 years of health care experience in consulting, health care administration, technology and clinical care. Also participating is Eric Larsen, president of the Advisory Board company. He is a leading expert on health care market forces and industry transformation and has served as a trusted strategic advisor to the CEOs of the 100 largest health systems for more than two decades.


Paul - Emma Goodman

Paul Keckley, PhD

Managing Editor, The Keckley Report

Mitch Morris - Emma Goodman

Mitch Morris, M.D.

CEO, Optum Advisory Services

Eric Larsen headshot - Emma Goodman

Eric Larsen

President, Advisory Board Company