Health System Specialty Pharmacy Services: Overcoming barriers to growth and success

Wednesday, February 6th, 2019 | 12:00 - 1:00pm CST

With the growing prevalence of specialty medications, health systems can offer a superior experience for their patients who require these high cost, hard-to-manage drugs as part of their treatment plan. Evidence points strongly to the fact that health system-sponsored programs create better clinical outcomes, but many organizations struggle to establish or accelerate the growth of their specialty pharmacy strategies. And yet specialty medication management programs can positively impact patient engagement, physician satisfaction, cost of care, and profitability. What is getting in the way and how can we overcome these challenges pragmatically and effectively?

Drawing on the presenters’ extensive experience in health system specialty pharmacy services, this discussion will outline the importance of providing personalized experiences for patients and identifying the barriers to rapid expansion of these services. The presentation will center on how to align specialty pharmacy successfully to the overall strategic direction of your organization and the lessons learned in opportunity evaluation, resource allocation, and network development for growth.

Attendees at this presentation will learn: 

  •  Why it is critical to support a program that integrates pharmacists into the overall care team to engage patients in the clinic setting and foster a trusting relationship both with patients and providers,
  • Why a comprehensive opportunity assessment is critical for long term success, overcoming barriers to growth, and evaluating build vs. partner decisions,
  • Why speed-to-market matters and how to reduce risk in program development, and
  • How to approach collaboration and alignment with manufacturers and health plans to expand services for patients.



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