Healthcare professionals are moving: It's time for radical recruitment strategies

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The healthcare workforce is in an upheaval. Forty-three percent of nurses are considering leaving the healthcare profession in 2021, and 78 percent of nurses say their job priorities have shifted. This is a daunting situation for healthcare employers who are poised to lose a significant amount of their employees and face steep competition for new talent.

This webinar shares three radical strategies for recruiting new talent that can meet the current moment, with data to prove their effectiveness. Rishabh Parmar, Head of Strategy at Vivian Health, guides the audience through implementing pay transparency, social media recruitment and mobile app adoption.

Learning points:

  • Current outlook of healthcare workforce, based on a Vivian Health survey of 1,300 nurses
  • The recruitment benefits of pay transparency and how to overcome the naysayers
  • How to leverage social media for recruiting
  • How candidate-centric mobile apps can reduce time-to-hire


ariele-scharff-headshot - Kristelle Khazzaka

Ariele Scharff

Director of B2B, Vivian Health

rishabh-parmar-headshot - Kristelle Khazzaka

Rishabh Parmar

Head of Strategy, Vivian Health