Healthcare security: How to protect the heart of your network

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In this webinar, Ambika Kapur, vice president of product marketing, networking and security business at VMware, will discuss a modern approach for data center security to address common use cases for organizations in the healthcare industry.

In most cyber breaches, the real damage is done not by the initial breach, but by the lateral movement and persistence of adversaries in the network.

Furthermore, with users, applications, and data centers getting increasingly distributed, it has diffused the traditional perimeter and shifted the battleground to the east-west traffic.

Ambika Kapur will discuss how to leverage a software-based, distributed approach to firewalling, distributed IDS/IPS, and AI-driven Network Detection and Response to provide better defense against threats.  


Ambika - Liz Engman

Ambika Kapur

VP Product Marketing, Networking and Security Business, VMware