Healthcare transformation: How technology is delivering an enhanced patient experience

At the onset of COVID-19, healthcare providers in the United States embarked on a most unusual journey. Hospitals were suddenly overwhelmed, while surgery centers and clinics offering preventive medicine went underutilized for weeks and months. What's followed is a dramatic, industrywide transformation powered by technology.

The emergence (and resurgence) of technology solutions — such as EHRs, telehealth and digital front doors to — helped deliver necessary support to an industry in crisis.

These 10 must-read Becker's articles offer a look into this unprecedented transformation. Readings include:
  • Yale New Haven Health saved 470 hours of nurses' time in 1 year with EHR tool
  • NewYork-Presbyterian CXO's: 7 principles to maintain relationships with patients in a world of transactions
  • 10 hospital innovation execs on how their role has evolved during the pandemic

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