Caring for caregivers: How to use technology to support healthcare staff

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Hospitals have reached a critical crossroad. Nurses are leaving in droves, patients are
sicker than ever before, and CEOs are realizing that throwing money at problems isn't the solution.

How much longer will nurses be expected to do more with less?

In a recent Ascom survey, 60 percent of nurses said a hospital's technology is important in their decision-making process. The right technology can help improve nurse satisfaction and foster meaningful interactions with patients, staff and families, resulting in positive outcomes.

In this webinar we'll explore obstacles plaguing staff and discover clinical communication and technologies to support healthcare workers such as:
  • Care coordination
  • Clinical monitoring and alarm management
  • Workplace and staff safety
  • Clinical decision support
  • Smart nurse call




David Gutillo 2 (2) - Alec Wolfe

Dave Gutillo

Sr. Regional Director, Healthcare Alliances / IDNs, Ascom

Julia 2 - Alec Wolfe

Julia Greer

VP Clinical Strategy and Consulting, Ascom

john sola picture - Alec Wolfe

John Sola

Senior Product Manager, Unite and Digistat, Ascom