Streamlining Communication & Workflows at Capital Health

Wednesday, August 7th, 2024 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM CT

In an acute care setting, it's imperative that requests reach the appropriate providers quickly and efficiently. Without a streamlined way to find who's on-call or to contact them, requesting consults and coordinating patient care becomes a slow, arduous game of phone tag.
In this webinar, two leaders from Capital Health, based in Pennington, N.J. — Michael Arcaro, MD, medical director of clinical informatics, and Tyler Seip, mobile device support specialist — will discuss how adopting a clinical collaboration platform cut consult wait times, improved patient throughput and increased productivity across their organization.
Key learning points:
  • How streamlined consult notifications help specialists at Capital Health see patients sooner (within hours instead of next-day or later)
  • Minimizing frustration and miscommunication amongst staff by integrating on-call scheduling with role-based messaging
  • Positive organizational effects of well-documented workflows, such as smoother onboarding and simplified data management


Michael - Sydney Mason

Michael S. Arcaro, MD, MHI

Medical Director, Clinical Informatics Capital Health

Tyler - Sydney Mason

Tyler J. Seip

Mobile Device Support Specialist, Capital Health

Gina - Sydney Mason

Gina Loxtercamp

Customer Success Manager, TigerConnect