Cybersecurity Zero Trust – Why visibility is the key

Wednesday, November 16th, 2022 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM CT

Did you know your network has thousands of unmanaged medical and IOT devices? Unmanaged Devices is a classification on your network that IT can’t identify but still permit network access. The technical term is MAC Authentication Bypass, which sounds contrary to the concept of Multi-Factor Authentication. Who wants the responsibility for incorrectly defining a medical device’s network communications when it may result in denial of life sustaining services and an/or adverse event? Cyber 101: You can’t secure what you don’t know you have.

Medigate’s security solution is purpose built for healthcare organizations and provides full visibility and granular device detail into all connected medical devices. Cisco leverages Medigate’s medical device domain knowledge with Cisco Identity Services Engine’s (ISE) Network Access Control (NAC) and remediation capabilities to unify visibility and security policy controls. Mount Sinai combined these solutions to address their Unmanaged Medical Devices .

In this session, we will explain in basic terms how Mount Sinai Health leveraged Medigate and Cisco security solutions to create intelligent network segmentation for their medical devices. Visibility, clinical communication profiles and vulnerabilities into all medical devices provided a communications baseline for network policy generation and network enforcement. The audience will learn how Mount Sinai’s Senior Leadership leveraged Medigate to identify unmanaged devices and Cisco to automate the execution of Zero Trust (intelligent micro-segmentation policies).

Key Learning Points:
  • Define Unmanaged Medical Devices and why are there thousands on my network?
  • Reveal why visibility is the foundation to all cybersecurity.
  • Deconstruct Zero Trust and how to achieve it for unmanaged high-risk devices.




Senior Director, Head of Systems, Cloud & Bio-Med Security

Mount Sinai Health System

Dan DeSantis - Sarah Simon

Dan DeSantis

Director, GSSO CISO Advisors, Cisco

Steve Baum

Steve Baum

Global Head of Manufacturer Alliances, Medigate