Evolving data needs: How healthcare leaders can leverage strategic archiving for better outcomes and increased ROI

Tuesday, December 5th, 2023 | 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM CT

With the influx of technologies used in hospitals — as well as business trends like mergers and acquisitions — healthcare data needs and processes have become more complex. Organizations are using their legacy data in ways they never expected. This confluence of events is prompting leaders to include archiving as part of their enterprise data strategy and governance.

In this live session, you’ll learn the success factors for creating a strategic archiving program for your organization. Experts will share insights on:
  • What makes an enterprise archiving program strategic vs. tactical
  • How to align your archiving plan with data management and other organizational strategies & goals
  • Legal and compliance implications of your data archiving strategy (hint: they're big)
  • The role of emerging tech here + best practices for evaluating tools and partners to ensure they meet critical needs



Shelly Disser 2023 (1) - Jason Grady

Dr. Shelly Disser

Vice President, Innovation & Collaboration, MediQuant
Dr. Shelly Disser is Vice President, Innovation & Collaboration at MediQuant, the leading provider of enterprise active archiving solutions to hospitals and health systems. A renowned trailblazer in healthcare data management, archiving, analytics and business intelligence, Disser is credited as a founder of the legacy data archiving field. 

Disser holds an MBA from Kennesaw State University, Michael J. Coles College of Business, and a DBA from Georgia State University, J. Mack Robinson College of Business.