Forgoing paper: How health systems are digitizing workflows to support staff and drive efficiency

Monday, October 23rd, 2023 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM CT 

Forward-thinking healthcare leaders are examining every nook and cranny of their organizations to see where they can improve efficiency and streamline tasks for their teams. Digitizing document workflows is one such area — especially as privacy, patient experience and operational costs remain top of mind for the C-suite. 

In this live session, you'll hear from leaders at UK HealthCare (Lexington, Ky.), Cleveland Clinic and Dignity Health (Barrow Neurological Institute) on ways they're transforming operations, administrative functions and document workflows to achieve greater outcomes for staff and patients alike. 

You'll learn: 
  • Challenges they're facing in administrative areas, including document workflows
  • Processes they have digitized to drive improvements + outcomes they're seeing
  • How they view modernizing document workflows as part of broader technology strategies 




James Cogo  - Maddi Billings

James Cogo

Application Systems Analyst II, Barrow Neurological Institute (Phoenix, AZ)

Romil Chadha - Maddi Billings

Romil Chadha

Chief Medical Information Officer, UK HealthCare

Tracey Touma - Maddi Billings

Tracey Touma

Information Technology Executive, Cleveland Clinic

DeeDee kato  (1)

DeeDee Kato

VP of Corporate Marketing at Foxit Software