How AI is revolutionizing clinical decision support

This webinar is on-demand and can be viewed at your convenience.

Data is the name of the game, and it is everywhere. The question is, can it be harnessed in ways that promote efficiency and improve patient care?

In this webinar, clinical educators will share how artificial intelligence and evidence-based technology can help utilization management professionals improve workflow efficiency by automating the clinical decision-making process.

Tune in to learn how to:
  • Gain efficiency in the utilization review process by using automation to determine the priority of cases
  • Reduce staff burnout and increase job satisfaction
  • Decrease health system utilization burden while optimizing financial/revenue cycle outcomes





Sandra-Zawalski - McKenzie Patrick Cropped

Sandra Zawalski MSN-ED, RN, CRRN, CCM, ABDA, MSCC

Principal Clinical Educator, MCG Health

DAVID-BAKER - McKenzie Patrick Cropped-1

David Baker MBA, BS, ASN, RN, ACM

Clinical Educator, MCG Health