Improving care quality and access with remote patient monitoring

Monday, February 27th, 2023 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM CT

Health systems are increasingly focused on improving population health and health equity.
A technology that can help address these issues is remote patient monitoring (RPM), which has benefits for patients – especially underserved, high-risk patients – as well as healthcare organizations.

RPM can help health systems serve underserved patients outside of hospitals, streamline workflow and maximize resources.

This webinar will focus on how remote patient monitoring is helping achieve the quintuple aim of improving population health, enhancing the experience of care, reducing costs, improving provider well-being, and advancing health equity.

Key webinar learning objectives include:
  • Identifying the most pressing problems and challenges facing healthcare organizations
  • Describing how RPM helps address these challenges
  • Detailing the benefits of RPM for all stakeholders
  • Highlighting the current status of reimbursement for RPM
  • Analyzing how RPM helps improve health equity and enables providers to better care for underserved patients
As providers work to make progress on health equity without adding costs, remote patient monitoring provides an efficient, scalable solution.


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Bill Paschall

Senior Vice President of Growth and Strategic Accounts, Clear Arch Health

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Denise Keefe

Executive Vice President of Continuing Health for Advocate Health Care and Aurora Health Care