How to improve the physical safety of patients and staff with automated visitor identity management

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Staff and patients count on healthcare being physically safe. But as violence in hospitals rises, assuring a safe environment is no longer a given. In 2022, physical attacks and workplace safety violations were at their highest level in decades. 

These trends are forcing health system security, operational, and IT leaders to rethink their systems and process to assure safety of staff and patients.

This webinar will look at innovative strategies for ensuring physical security while minimizing investment costs. Experts on safety and security — including the Director of Security at Houston-based Memorial Herman Health System — will share:
  • Safety and security challenges health systems face today
  • How to develop a physical security innovation strategy
  • What automated VIM solutions are and their benefits
  • How digital technology can help you achieve your safety goals 
  • How to calculate the ROI of a VIM solution
  • A case study of how one of the nation’s largest hospital chains is benefitting from an automated VIM solution
Nothing is more important than the safety of your patients and staff. Learn effective ways for leveraging technology to ensure safety.



Janette Evans

Healthcare Project Lead at Vector Flow


Denis M. Hyams

IAHSS Greater Houston Chapter Chair and Director of Security at Memorial Hermann Health System