Leverage imaging data to drive advancements in oncology: An expert discussion

Monday, April 29th, 2024 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM CT 

In the oncology field, diagnosis, treatment and the development of novel therapies all stem from medical imaging data. But that data is often siloed, unorganized and dispersed, which hinders the ability to make efficient advancements. 

Join this discussion where leaders will share real-world insights from a medical imaging data and AI platform that is supporting clinicians and researchers in accessing, analyzing, training and securely sharing data for machine learning and imaging research. 

Learn best practices to leverage the vast potential of medical imaging data across both academic and clinical research workflows, saving time and resources to continue pushing boundaries for innovation in oncology. 

Key learning points:
  • How medical imaging AI can be used to rapidly advance the diagnosis and treatment of cancer
  • Common challenges with imaging data and strategies for building scalable solutions for managing complex data
  • Understand how Flywheel can streamline the development and deployment of medical AI to automate essential processes and gain rapid insights from medical data


Lyndsey - Maddi Billings

Lyndsey Burton, M.D.

Chief Medical Information Officer, Flywheel

DEspina - Maddi Billings

Despina Kontos, PhD

Professor of Radiology, Vice Chair of AI and Data Science Research, Radiology Director, Center for Innovation in Imaging Biomarkers and Integrated Diagnostics, Columbia University