Meeting in the middle: A CMO & CTO share their outlooks on emerging tech in medical imaging

This webinar is on-demand and can be viewed at your convenience. 

Have you wondered about the journey to cloud--what's taking so long and what will it be like when you get there? What about AI for imaging--when can it be trusted and finally become mainstream? And how much should it matter to clinicians what strategies to pursue for data security and system interoperability? An experienced Chief Technology Officer, Dan Margulies, debates with a practicing Chief Medical Officer, David Gruen, MD on these topics to surface ideas about health tech in new (and interesting) ways. Analyzing emerging trends from both the technical and clinical viewpoints, they will discuss how to understand cloud, AI, security and interoperability within the context of clinical workflows, patient experience and healthcare delivery overall.

Brought to you by Merative and Becker's Healthcare, you will come away with improved understanding of, and possibly stronger opinions on, these areas.

Merative, formerly IBM Watson Health, a data and analytics partner with imaging solutions for the health industry, offers industry-leading technology and expertise to drive real progress.


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David Gruen, MD, MBA, FACR

Chief Medical Officer at MerativePracticing radiologist, a frequent public speaker and passionate about the application of technology to enhance the clinical experience

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Dan Margulies

Chief Technology Officer at MerativeWith 20 years of IT and healthcare IT experiences including at Deloitte, Amazon Web Services and IBM