Scaling new, disruptive tech: Baptist Health shares their digital transformation + improved outcomes

This webinar is on-demand and can be viewed at your convenience.

Digital transformation in health systems can't be achieved solely through the adoption of artificial intelligence. It requires the seamless integration of technology with organizational goals, the identification of suitable personnel and processes, and fostering a culture that encourages innovation. This strong foundation allows teams to utilize AI-based tools to enhance visibility, inspire action, and yield tangible results across the system.
Baptist Health, Jacksonville, Florida, has successfully undertaken this journey. In this on-demand webinar, leaders from Baptist Health, Jacksonville share their experience of scaling disruptive, AI-based technology across their enterprise. They will discuss their strategy and provide insights into their approach that has allowed them to catalyze innovation and deliver improved outcomes.

They'll share:
  • Key Strategies for a Successful Digital Transformation
  • Positive Impact of System-wide Changes: Improved Revenue, Reduced Burnout, and Better Patient Care
  • Efficient Resource Utilization: Increasing Robotic Case Minutes by 45% and Prime-Time Utilization by 11.1% without Major Capital Investments




Aaron Miri - Sydney Mason


Senior Vice President and Chief Digital and Information Officer, Baptist Health

Amy Huveldt - Sydney Mason

Amy Huveldt, PE, MBA, ASQ, CSSBB

Vice President of Performance Excellence, Baptist Health