Take health research to the next level with a new real-world evidence model

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Real-world evidence has advanced health research over the past two to three decades. But the challenges of procuring sufficient, high-quality real-world data, of unlocking the knowledge contained in the data, and of sharing information without compromising patient privacy are ever-present.

Achieving major advances in real-world data exploration requires the successful convergence of synthetic data and self-service analytics. During this discussion, experts will discuss the value of fostering a new RWE model.

Key learning points:
  • Understand the concept of synthetic data, how synthetic data are generated, and how their use facilitates access to real-world, patient-level data without compromising patient privacy
  • Understand how self-service analytics tools facilitate research by bringing primary researchers closer to the point of innovation, shortening the time to innovation and discovery
  • Understand how the combination of synthetic data and self-service analytics synergistically creates a new model for real-world evidence



Jon D. Morrow, MD, MBA

Senior VP/Medical Affairs & Informatics, MDClone, New York, NY USA


Noa Zamstein, PhD

Director of MDClone Research and Data Science Center, MDClone, Beer Sheva, Israel

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Henrik Schou, MSc

Vice President, Global Head Evidence Generation at Vifor Pharma, Zurich, Switzerland

richard-wilke (1)

Richard Willke, PhD

Chief Science Officer, ISPOR, Lawrenceville, NJ USA