The promise (and peril) of AI in healthcare 

Tuesday, September 19th, 2023 | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CT 

Artificial intelligence offers huge opportunities to improve healthcare. Yet with that opportunity comes significant cybersecurity risks.

Healthcare leaders must be equipped to navigate an increasingly complex AI landscape, manage risks and unlock the full benefits of AI to deliver enhanced patient care. During this webinar, an industry expert will discuss the complexities of data privacy, cybersecurity and the ethical considerations of using AI in healthcare. He will also touch on vendor management and associated challenges, providing insights into crucial questions surrounding AI component utilization and data handling.

Key learnings:
  • How to assess and address the potential use of sensitive data types within 4th-party AI services
  • Safeguards to prevent unintended exposure of your organization's data as a result of AI use
  • AI model use cases, data veracity and bias management  



Picture1 - Alec Wolfe

Chris Logan | Senior Vice President and Chief Security Officer

Chris has more than 25 years in IT operations and strategy. Previously he was Director Global Healthcare Industry at VMware, where he helped healthcare clients achieve their strategic outcomes by implementing the company’s industry solutions. Prior to VMware, Chris was the Chief Information Security Officer for Care New England Health System located in Providence, RI, where his role was providing security and technology leadership and enabling positive business outcomes for the organization and its partners. He has also worked in security leadership roles at Lifespan Corporation, Century Bank, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and he served in the United States Marine Corps. Chris is also a professor at Providence College in their school of business, where he provides instruction to graduate students on the management of technology and operations and service management.