Unlock the promise of physician assistive technologies

Tuesday, September 19th, 2023 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM CT

As technology offers myriad ways to increase efficiency, streamline processes and reduce costs, it seems there's always something new to implement. To get the most out of these investments, it's crucial for organizations to avoid common pitfalls related to selecting and adopting technology. Physician assistive solutions aren't immune to these challenges and, in fact, can entail additional layers of complexity. 

Drawing on observations across hundreds of technology deployments, experts share the secret sauce of successfully deploying physician assistive solutions, which are needed now more than ever as administrative tasks burn physicians out. They'll focus on best practices for physician-assistive technology — and many of their insights apply to technology deployments across the board.

You'll learn:  
  • Downstream implications of delayed, incomplete or inaccurate documentation
  • Key considerations for evaluating physician assistive technology
  • Best practices for physician use and satisfaction with technology
  • Outcomes achieved by hospitals and health systems




Tim Ruff - Emma Goodman

Tim Ruff

Chief Product Owner, Clinician Solutions

Breanna Goodman - Emma Goodman

Breanne Goodman

Product Owner, CDI Solutions

Travis Bias - Emma Goodman

Travis Bias, DO, MPH, FAAFP

Chief Medical Officer, Clinician Solutions