Unlocking privacy-first analytics in healthcare marketing

Thursday, June 13th, 2024 | 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM CT

In healthcare, marketing teams often can't get a clear picture of the patient journey due to a number of technical and legal challenges.

Three experts will convene in this upcoming webinar to share how healthcare professionals can solve marketing analytics challenges and get the critical data they need without compromising privacy. They'll explain how to navigate barriers related to obtaining accurate analytics, and what the future looks like for organizations that successfully put privacy first to enhance marketing analytics.  

Expect to learn:
  • How healthcare organizations can stay ahead by prioritizing privacy while enhancing data-driven marketing strategies
  • Common hurdles in obtaining accurate healthcare marketing analytics and painting a complete picture of the visitor journey
  • Trends & innovations influencing the evolution of privacy-first marketing analytics in healthcare


Ray Headshot (1) - Somer Sinnard

Ray Mina

VP of Marketing at Freshpaint

Abraham Green - Somer Sinnard

Abraham Green

Senior Director of Account Management at Futurety

Max Littman - Somer Sinnard

Max Littman

Graduate Fellow at the Hopkins Business of Health Initiative and a Researcher at the Hopkins Health AI Research Lab.