Unlocking the OR's potential: How this hospital improved efficiency + staffing with data-driven strategies 

Thursday, November 2nd, 2023 | 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM CT 

Hospitals and health systems are facing increasing demands for treatment and operating room time with fewer resources available. And compounding challenges like low block utilization, lack of visibility into open OR time and mistrust in operational data are making it difficult for healthcare leaders to achieve strategic goals.

In this live session, you'll hear how West Columbia, S.C.-based Lexington Medical Center leveraged predictive and prescriptive analytics to address these challenges and access real-time data for better operational decision-making. The hospital's leaders will share their journey to date and how they've achieved impressive results, including a 201 percent increase in released minutes and an 8 percent decrease in entire blocks unused.   

You'll learn: 
  • The challenges that present when perioperative leaders lack access to visible, credible data during the operation decision-making process
  • The value of adopting a culture of data-driven decision-making in the perioperative setting
  • How Lexington Medical Center is reducing staffing challenges with this approach



Jay D. Hamm - Sydney Mason Cropped

Jay D. Hamm RN, BSN, FACHE

Vice President, Operations
Lexington Medical Center

Tim FitzGerald - Sydney Mason Cropped

Tim FitzGerald, MHA, FACHE

Assistant Vice President, Perioperative Services
Lexington Medical Center 

Karen Tisdale - Sydney Mason Cropped

Karen Tisdale, MHA, RRT

Manager, Performance Analytics
Lexington Medical Center

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