A new dawn for healthcare's SDOH strategy: How real-time intervention tech is improving utilization, outcomes and costs

Social determinants of health account for most of the modifiable contributors to healthy outcomes. But hospitals, health systems and health plans haven't had the tools or technology to effectively close the loop on SDOH-related challenges — until now.

Technology advancements are enabling the healthcare industry to sooner identify and break SDOH-related barriers to care, quickly connect individuals to appropriate resources and optimize engagement to ensure individuals receive the support they need.

This report outlines the many benefits of implementing tech-enabled SDOH interventions to improve health outcomes and reduce hospitalizations, readmissions, emergency department use and costs.

Read more to learn how to:
  • Proactively identify SDOH risk factors and connect individuals with appropriate resources sooner.
  • Get a more complete picture of an individual's health by leveraging integrated, tech-first tools.
  • Track referral status in real-time to close the loop on SDOH referrals and measure the impact of your efforts.

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