The new era of medical imaging: Why cloud technology is crucial for hospitals

Profound advancements in medical imaging are poised to dramatically shorten time to diagnosis and treatment. However, with more sophisticated imaging comes more data and the need for more computing power to support high-speed information sharing across the care continuum. Additionally, healthcare technology leaders will have to find new ways to achieve more dynamic cybersecurity amid rising rates of malware and ransomware attacks targeting healthcare organizations. 
Maintaining, growing and securing on-premises data storage presents major challenges for hospitals and health systems in such an environment. This white paper examines why cloud storage and computing will become essential supports for hospitals and health systems keen to make the most of medical imaging technology advancements.
In this eBook, you will learn:
  • How health systems are reaping the benefits of cloud technology for medical imaging
  • The four pillars for optimized medical imaging data use and storage


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