A roadmap to enterprise intelligence: Accelerating the digital evolution of healthcare

For healthcare organizations, enterprise intelligence means enabling virtual consultations, making better use of scarce expertise and improving patient outcomes. It means connecting on-site first responders to clinicians, enabling new care pathways that help them limit the damage and loss of function associated with conditions like strokes. It also means tapping the vast quantities of data that often go unused to enable better epidemiology and more personalized care.

Old ways of working simply aren’t up to the challenges of today. They are too expensive, too inflexible and too hard to scale. The network is key to changing how healthcare operates. It enables providers to leverage the latest technologies — including artificial intelligence, machine learning and the internet of medical things — to generate unprecedented insight and make decision making smarter and faster.

In this whitepaper, we walk through the evolving challenges and opportunities for achieving enterprise intelligence across an increasingly decentralized care ecosystem.

What you’ll learn:
  • What barriers to innovation continue to challenge healthcare’s focus
  • How infrastructure transformation with network capabilities like private 5G, edge compute and network-as-a-Service will support the evolution of inpatient care
  • How rearchitecting connectivity, security and collaboration will build the innovation healthcare needs

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