Achieving sustainable revenue growth: How providers can compete with a winning access strategy

As healthcare organizations face economic headwinds, depressed volumes, and formidable competition, they must invest in growth differently. To succeed in this evolving landscape, healthcare providers must attract the right patients, retain them over time, and do so cost-effectively.

While many leaders have turned to intelligent automation to expand staff capacity and reduce costs, it is increasingly becoming the basis of sustainable topline revenue growth. To drive growth, healthcare organizations need to go beyond acquiring referral channels to securing patient access across the patient journey via a variety of digital doors.

Using intelligent automation, healthcare organizations can deliver hassle-free primary and specialty care access points. They can also hardwire care progression by guiding patients to stay in-network along their care journeys.

In this whitepaper you will learn:
  • Why the pursuit of cost-effective growth cannot be solved by continually increasing staffing levels
  • How digitized intake can capture accurate patient information on the front-end to improve clinical outcomes and maximize revenue
  • Why patient self-scheduling accelerates patient acquisition and retention




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