Asynchronous Care Guide: Drive efficiency to solve healthcare's biggest challenges

Virtual care has exploded in recent years, but not all delivery models hold equal value. As healthcare leaders weigh options that drive efficiency, provider well-being, cost savings, care access and patient satisfaction, it's critical they consider key differences in synchronous and asynchronous telemedicine. 

This research-based guide demonstrates how embracing hybrid care and asynchronous telehealth can help to solve healthcare's greatest challenges — like provider burnout, delayed/avoided care, health equity and more — and outlines important use cases.

Download to access: 
  • The basics on asynchronous virtual care and how it reduces clinician burnout and administrative burden
  • Opportunities for improving patient experience and acquisition, downstream revenue and greater access for rural and non-English-speaking populations
  • The largest case study on this care modality from the COVID-19 pandemic

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