At the vanguard of medical imaging: The power of cloud-driven transformation

Medical imaging experienced profound advancements in the 19th and 20th century. Beginning with the advent of the X-ray in 1895 and continuing through the emergence of ultrasound technologies, tomography techniques such as CT and PET scans, and capping off with the invention of the MRI in 1977.
In the 21st century, medical imaging is again experiencing a leap forward. New imaging technologies will allow for more detailed pictures of patients’ tissues and organs — perhaps even at the cellular level.

Technologies powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning also have the potential to detect health issues, such as stroke or heart attack, sooner. Machine learning can also support physicians with real-time feedback as they review images.

Collectively, these solutions could improve speed to diagnosis and treatment which would ultimately improve patient outcomes.

Maintaining, growing and securing on premises data storage presents major challenges for hospitals and health systems in such an environment.

Enter the cloud.
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