From cybersecurity to cyber resilience: How to protect patients + minimize downtime

The commonality of cyberattacks and both natural and human-made disasters means healthcare teams have had to take on a new role: disaster recovery experts.

As hospitals and health systems navigate these events, their primary goal of improving patients' health remains unchanged. Organizations must keep downtime to an absolute minimum and ensure continuity of care.

Becker's Healthcare recently spoke with Hector Rodriguez, executive security advisor, WWPS health and life sciences at AWS, about how enterprise resilience and immutable IT infrastructures can reduce risks for patients and organizations.

Download this brief report to learn:
  • How enterprise resilience protects patient safety and cuts costly organizational downtime
  • What enterprise resilience plans should cover & key considerations for where to focus initial efforts
  • The value of immutable IT infrastructures & how employee training fits into enterprise resilience

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