Healthcare's digital age: Insights on Telehealth potential, EMR automation and more + 3 case studies 

Global research projects that the telehealth market will reach $191 billion in 2025. As the number of new digital health applications grows, healthcare organizations that rely on traditional testing approaches face intense pressure to do the following:
  • Accelerate the time to release  
  • Meet expectations for a seamless digital experience  
  • Secure sensitive patient data   

To confront these challenges, healthcare organizations use artificial intelligence (AI), end-to-end test electronic medical record (EMR) systems, telehealth applications, connected devices, and more. 

This eBook introduces you to intelligent test automation and explains how AI can take healthcare software testing to the next level of efficiency, coverage, and performance. It concludes with four real-world use cases demonstrating how healthcare organizations of all sizes can benefit. 

The eBook will teach you the following things:

  • Common challenges in testing healthcare software  
  • Best practices for quality assurance in a hyper-connected age  
  • How to scale intelligent test automation quickly and cost-effectively


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