Hospitals are ready: COVID-19 lessons on crisis management

Healthcare leaders feel better equipped to handle future crises.  

That’s a key takeaway from Becker’s survey of 102 hospital and health system leaders. This survey revealed lessons from the pandemic about increased resilience for future health crises. Among the key lessons is an increased focus on technology to improve clinical efficiency and staff effectiveness.

Gain insights from this survey on how coping with the last crisis (COVID-19) can help organizations be better prepared for the next one. Learn how health systems leaders are addressing points of failure and building on successful technology-driven strategies from the pandemic.

Key takeaways include:
  • Why healthcare leaders feel better prepared for the next crisis
  • How technology can augment staffing – before and during a crisis
  • Why connecting point solutions to the IT infrastructure for specific use cases can have tremendous value
  • The importance of smart technology investments

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