How leading systems are revolutionizing their workforces + operations with AI

Technology in healthcare is advancing at a rapid clip. Still, many hospitals and health systems continue to equip their teams with archaic tools — like the dreaded spreadsheet — to carry out scheduling, patient assignments and other critical day-to-day tasks. Not only does this approach jeopardize accuracy, efficiency and patient care, it also wears down current staff.

These issues coupled with workforce gaps demand that hospitals and health systems use technology now to more effectively manage staff and reduce administrative burden. In this research- and case study-backed paper, you'll see how systems like Baptist Health (Jacksonville, Fla.), Health First (Rockledge, Fla.) and Oregon Health and Sciences University in Portland have embraced this method and realized better clinical outcomes. 

Download to learn: 
  • How artificial intelligence and predictive analytics can activate the workforce, support inpatient staffing and help organizations prepare for lingering shortages
  • Benefits of technology applied to infusion centers and operating rooms
  • Key steps and results from systems like Baptist, which saw 40 percent reduced call volume after using electronic case scheduling at their largest hospital

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